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Foreign Object Damage (FOD) Control Demo

Power Vacuum – Gasoline Model
Regional Airport FOD Control
Made Easy and Efficient

The Elgee Power Vacuum is a versatile machine enabling you to attack many different jobs in various environments, thus enabling the use of a single machine for different environments.

In the demonstration videos, the Power Vac is used both outside and indoors (well ventilated open space; airplane hanger with doors open). The examples illustrates the Power Vac 1034-G Model which includes the Instant Action Hose, and add-ons: Magnetic Bar, Auto Baffle, Crack Funnel and Brush Assemblies

The Power Vac’s suction will extract debris from pavement and floor crevices, door slide rails and tie down recesses while also picking up a variety of shape and size litter from flat surfaces. The Magnetic Bar will pick up and separate out any metallic debris while the Brush assembly will aid in dislodging caked debris.

The 30″ footprint makes it easy to move around congested areas but where necessary, reach down and use the Instant Action Hose without any disruption in work flow to get into the corners, between supports, under trailers, etc.

Airport operations are a chore by themselves without having to worry about controlling and cleaning up Foreign Object Damage (FOD). Foreign Object Damage can cause major damage to aircraft, support vehicles and even personnel injuries.

Regional and local airports need efficient and cost effective tools to maintain the terminal gate areas, luggage/cargo staging locations, parking aprons, etc.

With an Elgee Gasoline or Propane powered Power Vacuum, you can handle these external work areas in addition to interiors such as hangers luggage and cargo staging areas. See our demos below to see the versatility and ease of maneuverability.

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Please Note, we recommend not using the Elgee Power-Vac for fine dust or powdery dirt applications. The Elgee Power Sweep is the appropriate equipment for those cleaning jobs.

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"I wanted to take this opportunity to tell you how pleased we are with the Elgee Power Vac. It is a breeze to keep our truck beds clean. Keep up the good work. Thanks to all the folks at Elgee for making our job easier."


Joe Major, President - Major Trucking Inc

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