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Accessories & Parts for Power Vacs

Elgee offers a full line of Accessories to enhance unit functionality and Spare/ (put space here) Replacement Parts for your Power-Vacuum. In some cases, a cleaning solution may require non-standard accessories. In those situations, please contact us, as we do offer Accessory Customization. Below are some of our more popular accessories and parts. Accessories can be purchased on your original Power Vacuum order or, in most cases, they can be ordered in the future. They can be purchased by contacting us by phone at (800) 742-0400.


action-hose-sm[1] Instant Action Hose Assembly Exclusive feature allows operator continuous use of 4″ diameter x 10 ft. hose with cane handle and nozzle for effortless cleaning of hard-to-reach areas. NOTE: Requires the Hose Adapter to be installed on the initial order. The adapter cannot be added subsequently. (Part #: HO-00)
leaf-blower-sm[1] Leaf Blower Attachment Replaces the deflector and bag to easily convert vacuum to a blower machine. It picks up (vacuums up) the leaves and grass clippings and blows the leaves and clippings out the side. Cleans right up to walls, hedges and trees.  (Part #: LB-30)
brush-assembly-sm[1] Brush Assembly Spring loadedconstant pressure type, eliminates continuous brush adjustment to maintain operation. Mounted in the front to loosen debris.   (Part #: BR-30 & BR-40)
auto-baffle-sm[1] Auto Baffle Assembly With the throw of a lever, a convenient option for increasingtotal suction to Instant Action Hose by 30% instead of to the manual baffle plate (default) – which has to be manually placed under the hood against the baffle, when needed.  (Part #: AB-00)
magnetic-bar-sm[1] Magnetic Bar Assembly A high-powered magnet to pick up metallic objects. The Magnetic Bar swings up out of the way when not needed.  (Part #: PM-30 & PM-40)
spark-arrester-sm[1] Spark Arresting Muffler Spark Arresting Muffler (US Forest Service approved) is available for use on the Gasoline and Propane powered models and for environments where fire, gaseous flare-up or explosion is possible.  (Part #: SA-05 & SA-08)
side-mtd-wheels-sm[1] Adjustable Side Mounted Wheels Adjustable Side Mounted Wheels add additional stability especially on rough surfaces, turf surfaces or surfaces with numerous crevices, where the front wheel caster will get hung up.  (Part #: FW-30) 0)
bag-sling-sm[1] Bag Sling The Bag Sling is in lieu of the fixed Dolly Platform, but is only recommended if the bag will be collecting light debris such as leaves, paper, aluminum cans, etc. Typically used in conjunction with the Adjustable Side Mounted Wheels, if used on a turf surface.  (Part #: BS-00) 
crack-funnel-sm[1] Crack Funnel The Crack Funnel is primarily used for the Foreign Object Damage (FOD) control solution. It increases the suction to remove hard-to-reach debris from within the crevices.  (Part #: CV-01) 
outboard_caster_accessory-sm[1] Outboard Caster Wheels These casters are basically used with a Power Vacuum equipped with the Crack Funnel, but would be helpful if the surface area contains numerous crevices and/ or broken surfaces. The Outboard Caster Wheels reduce the problem of the front swivel caster getting stuck in a crevice.   (Part #: FW-40) 
tow-bar-sm[1] Tow Bar Ideal for transporting a power vacuum short distances at low speed. The Tow Bar easily attaches to the Power Vacuum and is available in 30″ and 40″.  (Part #: TK-01) **NOTE: We recommend also purchasing the FW-40 (Outboard Castor Wheels) with this product, for additional stability.
poly-bag-TB03-sm[1] Rot-Resistant Polyester Felt Bag The polyester heavy duty bag has an 11 cu. ft. capacity with a 55” zipper for easy emptying. The Polyester bag is better for use with damp debris and litter, especially when used in barns or stable environments.  (Part #: TB-03)
cotton-bag-TB01-sm[1] Cotton Fleece Lined Felt Bag The cotton fleece-lined bag has an 11 cu. ft. capacity with a 55” zipper for easy emptying.  (Part #: TB-01)
battery-charger-sm[1] Battery Charger for Battery Model Power Vacuums Battery Charger [24 Volt, 20 Amp] with Anderson Plug to enable charging the battery while the unit is not in operation. Batteries may be charged on the Power Vac by plugging into the charger, or batteries may be transferred to a charging table and replaced by a fresh set for continuous use. When used with a Cable Assembly, two batteries [1 set] can be charged at the same time.  (Part #: BA-29) 
vapor-LP-tank-sm[1] 20lb Horizontal Vapor Propane Tank 20 lb. Horizontal Vapor Propane Tank This is a vapor feed tank. (i.e., The fuel fed into the motor is vapor and not liquid propane, thus not all LP tanks can be used.)  (Part #: LPT-01) 

These are only a few of the accessories (described above); there are others listed below. Please Contact us for further details:

  • Side Wear Plates (Call for Pricing and Ordering)
  • Super Low Tone Muffler (10HP B&S unit)

Custom Accessories upon request. If our standard products cannot meet your required cleaning solutions, contact us for possible customized accessories.

Replacement Parts for the Power Vacs

cotton-bag-TB01-sm[3] Filter Bags (w/60″ Zipper & Zipper Side Vent) TB-01 – Cotton fleece lined filter bag TB-03 – Polyester felt, rot-resistant filter bag
front-caster-sm[1] Casters FW-20 – Front Caster Only- Polyurethane gray wheel FW-21 – Front Caster with hardware- Poly gray wheel with nuts, bolts and lock washers DA-03 – Dolly platform Caster Only – Black wheel on dolly platform
outboard_casters-sm[1] Outboard Casters FW-40 – Outboard Casters [1-set]
side-wheel-sm[1] Wheels SW-11 – Side wheel (10 in. x 1.75 in.) SW-02 – Axle collars (10in.x1.72in.)
hose-parts-sm[1] Hose HO-00 – 4 in. x 10 ft. Flexible Vinyl Hose Assembly (Includes Cane Handle & Nozzle) HO-30 – 4 in. x 10 ft. Flexible Vinyl Hose Only
rubber-flap-sm[1] Rear Rubber Flaps IV-02 – 30 inch rear rubber flap- Squeegee runs along rear end of machine IV-42 – 40 inch rear rubber flap- Squeegee runs along rear end of machine
manual-baffle-sm[1] Manual Hose Baffle Plate HO-60 – Manual Hose Baffle Plate

These are only a few of the replacement parts (described above); there are others listed below. Please contact us for more replacement parts and further details:

  • Dolly Platform (Part #: DA-00)
  • Spark Plugs
  • Air Filters
  • Throttle Controls
  • Deflector Baffle Assembly (Safety Shield when using Booster Baffle; Part #: DB-00)

If you don’t see something you need, please contact us and provide us with the details of your requirements. If you have any questions about a part, please contact us at (800) 742-0400.

Accessories and parts are subject to change. Models and style may also change.

"I wanted to take this opportunity to tell you how pleased we are with the Elgee Power Vac. It is a breeze to keep our truck beds clean. Keep up the good work. Thanks to all the folks at Elgee for making our job easier."


Joe Major, President - Major Trucking Inc

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