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Regional or local airports need cleaning equipment that is efficient and cost effective for their size and traffic.

With the Elgee Power Vac (Gasoline or Propane powered) equipped with the:

  • Instant Action Hose
  • Magnetic Bar Assembly
  • Brush Assembly
  • Auto Baffle Assembly
  • Crack Funnel

Cleaning Solution

  • Power to pick up a variety of litter: dirt, small pieces of cardboard, plastic wrap, metallic objects, e.g., nails, bolts, soda cans, etc.
  • The Magnetic Bar Assembly separates out the metallic objects.
  • The Brush assembly mounts in the front of the vacuum to loosen debris. It is spring loaded and maintains constant pressure to eliminate continuous brush adjustments during operation.
  • With a simple activation, increase the suction when using the Instant Action Hose with the Auto Baffle.
  • Instant Action Hose reaches into corners, tight areas, crevices, grates, etc. Simply pull the hose wand out of the on-board holster and place the hose nozzle where needed (no special hook ups, no stopping the engine).
  • and many more.
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