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Indoor Sports Arenas Cleaning Solutions

Additionally, facilities where tennis balls are present will see ball fluff collecting. Consequently, a facility may need to address a variety of dust and litter.

At Elgee, we understand your needs and can offer the appropriate Cleaning Solution using our Elgee Power Sweep Battery operated 36″ wide unit.

The Power Sweep provides Dust Free cleaning while also picking up litter. Micro size dust is collected in the panel filter while the litter is collected in the on-board hopper.


Operating a clean and safe facility is essential to maintaining a thriving business. Customers don’t have a good experience if the facility is dirty or litter is on the playing areas nor do the spectators appreciate dirty surroundings.Sports complexes come in all shapes and sizes and each with different surfaces along with hosting various sports. One thing that is common among these arenas / complexes, players will stir up considerable dust which when airborne.

Maneuverable and Easy to Operate*

Cleaning Solution

Get Up Close Obstacles*

Battery Powered Power Sweep

  • Cleans up to 37,000 sq ft per hour
  • Pick Up a variety of litter: dust, dirt, food and snack wrappers, napkins, soda cans, paper, etc.
  • Ideal for chronic dust problems
  • Clean effortlessly with Ergonomic Steering Controls, Ultra-maneuverable capability and Variable Speed Self Propelled drive
  • Brush extends beyond the sweeper’s body to enable cleaning close to walls and other objects like the soccer net
  • Ideal on Various Floor Surfaces: Concrete, Artificial Turf, Rubber surfaces
  • 28″ & 36″ Wide Models
  • Easy removal of collected litter


Pushing a broom or a commercial upright vacuum is time consuming and involves much more effort. In some cases, it may require additional equipment such as a wheeled garbage can, a wheel barrow, etc. All of which adds to numerous steps, overhead and time.

Using the Elgee Power-Sweeper:

  • cleaning is much faster than using a manual broom or upright commercial vacuums
  • provides wide surface cleaning but still enables cleaning around the nets, net posts, benches, etc.
  • reduces the manual effort and cleaning time thus saving money
  • enables use of one cleaning unit for virtually the entire sports facility
  • picks up more debris with its 1.0 or 1.6 bushel capacity collection area depending on unit size
  • controls dust with its micro fine dust filter thus providing a dust free work environment for the operator, and patrons in the sports facility
  • requires low maintenance
  • is super quiet thus safe for the operator and not annoying for sports players and spectators.

Clean Up to 37,000 Sq Ft per Hour *
Photos courtesy of Court-side Racquet Club
You may have unique or non-standard cleaning requirements. Customized equipment solutions are available.


Good Day,At Court-side, we purchased two Elgee Sweepers to remove dust and fuzz from the surface of our tennis courts. Both sweepers are relatively noise free and have worked very well in keeping our courts in great condition for our members. After a few weeks of service the surface of the courts looked so much better that we received compliments from members about the appearance of our courts. The machines are easy to maintain and require little maintenance. Training time for our workers is short as learning to operate the machines is easy and for the most part self explanatory. These machines do a much better job than the hand powered sweepers used in most racquet clubs. In addition, the man hours required are shorter because of the increased size of the swept area. In the long run we expect to make up the difference between our machine and the hand powered machine in labor costs. The Elgee company provided us with the necessary service and info regarding the machines.

In short, we are very pleased with the results the machines generated and it is very easy to write a recommendation for Elgee Sweepers.

Alan Heverly
General Manager of Courtside R.C.

We are using a gas operated Elgee Power Vacuum to remove dust and fuzz from the West Orange Tennis Club courts for about 6 years.In this period, we just did periodically oil/air filter change and acquired a second bag to have it as a spare; other than that, the machine runs like new.

It has worked very well in keeping the courts in great condition for their members. The machine’s ease of use and upkeep makes it a pleasure to own.

These machines do a much better job than the hand powered sweepers used in most clubs. It cuts down on time and effort because of the larger area coverage. In the long run it has been a cost effective purchase that we would gladly consider doing again.

The customer service personnel at Elgee will do everything within their power to assist customers and I recommend them very highly.

Jorge Reis
Reis Tennis Services

Demo Video Clip – Power Vacuum

Short of an actual on-site demo; see the Power Sweep through a short video clip courtesy of Courtside Racquet Club.

For more information about the product and its applications, or for information about ordering the Power-Sweep, please call Elgee or email us.

"I wanted to take this opportunity to tell you how pleased we are with the Elgee Power Vac. It is a breeze to keep our truck beds clean. Keep up the good work. Thanks to all the folks at Elgee for making our job easier."


Joe Major, President - Major Trucking Inc

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