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Plastic Pellet Control Cleaning Solutions

Powerful Suction for Small to Large Bulky Pellet Debris Power Vac Gasoline Model

Manufacturers and other handlers of plastic resin pellets need cleaning equipment that is efficient and cost effective for maintaining a clean environment. Pellets can be an annoyance getting under and around equipment, in floor cracks and crevices, corners and in door runners. You can take control of the mess with the Elgee Power Vac equipped with the:

  • Auto Baffle Assembly
  • Instant Action Hose
  • Brush Assembly


Plastic Resin Pellets are a mainstay in today’s manufacturing as the base for many consumer products. Along with the increased use, there is the added issue of properly maintaining a clean environment on the manufacturing floor, storage areas, shipping docks, and on or around the equipment to name a few.

Efforts at the Society of the Plastics Industries Inc. (SPI) and the EPA, have focused on this increasing issue, calling for improved methods to control the clean-up of plastic pellet debris. Whether the supplier of pellets or the manufacturer using the plastic pellets, control and clean up can be made easy and efficient using an Elgee Power Vacuum.

Extract Debris from Cracks & Crevices,
using the Instant Action Hose
See Demo Video Clip

Cleaning Solution

Gasoline, Propane, Electric or Battery Powered Model

  • Power to pick up a variety of litter: dirt, small pieces of cardboard, plastic wrap, metallic objects, e.g., nails, bolts, soda cans, etc.
  • With a simple activation, increase the suction when using the Instant Action Hose with the Auto Baffle.
  • Instant Action Hose reaches into corners, tight areas, crevices, grates, etc. Simply pull the hose wand out of the on-board holster and place the hose nozzle where needed (no special hook ups, no stopping the engine).
  • The Brush assembly mounts in the front of the vacuum to loosen debris. It is spring loaded and maintains constant pressure to eliminate continuous brush adjustments during operation.
  • Walk Behind unit, 54″ long; easy to operate and maneuver – turn radius is very short making it easy to work around equipment, trailers, planes, etc.
  • 30” and 40″ Wide Models enabling wide sweep coverage.
  • Need narrow sweep width, the 23″ Wide model is a customized sweep width and available for Gasoline Model and Electric Models.
  • Durable metal housing, frame and impeller can take a beating with most debris and litter encountered.
  • Impeller design prevents binding of impeller shaft by string, plastic wrap, and alike


Time & Money – Manual brooms are labor intensive, disperses more than is swept up and does little to pick up debris including plastic pellets and litter in cracks and crevices. Removing plastic pellet debris ultimately prevents the plastic resin from getting into waste water outlets, surrounding facility brush and plants, and possibly airborne depending on the pellet size.

The Elgee Power-Vac:

  • is 10 times faster than using a manual broom
  • reduces the manual effort thus saving time and money
  • provides the suction necessary to pick up the pellets out of floor crevices
  • with the Instant Action Hose, keeps the maintenance personal from having to use two or more pieces of equipment to clean open and congested (hard to reach) floor areas.

Model Selection

The 634-LPH Propane Model with Hose was used in this solution; however, based on your specific needs and environment, one of the other Power Vac models may serve your needs. Visit our Power Vac Model Selection page or visit the Power Vacuum Description page..

You may have unique or non-standard cleaning requirements. Customized equipment solutions are available.

To learn more, contact us, or check out our Custom Solutions section.


Extract from Petro Plastics Case Study
Petro Plastics has found a solution for the slip hazards created by pellet resins and chips and dust residue from grinders and saws. There are also environmental issues from resin pellets and scrap cuttings that wash into surrounding waterways.Lou Petrozziello, General Manager of Petro Plastics, looked for an inexpensive and effective method of solving both the environmental and the slip hazard problem simultaneously. Upon analyzing the situation within the plant, Lou found “it was really just a constant cleaning problem” that was not being solved by a man with a broom. They needed a system that could clean spills both inside and outside the plant, including the loading dock and around the dumpster area.

The Elgee Power Vac Sweeper was his answer. “It’s a vacuum sweeper with enough power to suck up anything we throw at it. Not only does it clean up pellets, chips and cuttings, but we use it in our warehouse area to vacuum shrink wrap, strapping, and chucks of wood from pallets,” Lou said. Workers just walk the Power-Vac up and down aisles or use the instant action hose (attached) to vacuum inaccessible areas. The propane powered system gave them maximum power and versatility to work inside and outside. And an added benefit is that maintenance people cover the plant in a fraction of the time and do a more effective job.

The Answer to Your Plastic Pellet Problem

See the Elgee Power Vacuum 634-LPH Propane Model used for Plastic Resin Pellets control and clean up in a short video clip.

"I wanted to take this opportunity to tell you how pleased we are with the Elgee Power Vac. It is a breeze to keep our truck beds clean. Keep up the good work. Thanks to all the folks at Elgee for making our job easier."


Joe Major, President - Major Trucking Inc

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