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Trailer Beds & Distributors Cleaning Solutions

Elgee can offer the appropriate solution for your cleaning needs: the Elgee Power Vac driven by a 6 or 10 HP Briggs & Stratton gasoline engine or a 5.5 HP Honda gasoline engine.


Distribution Centers and Warehouses have a mired of cleaning requirements: storage aisles, staging & packaging areas, loading docks and the individual trailer beds of the delivery trucks.

More importantly, is the turnaround of unloading and loading the trailers. A trailer sitting at the dock is not productive. This requires that the trailers be cleaned out so it can be loaded as soon as possible. Do not let the debris and litter removal be the bottleneck

Elgee Power Vac Gasoline Powered Vacuum Picks Up a Varied Sized Litter

Cleaning Solution

Elgee Power Vac Gasoline Motor Powered
Clean within Minutes
See Demo Video Clip

Small & Maneuverable but Powerful
Don’t Waste Time Brooming

Gasoline, Propane or Battery Powered Model

  • Pick Up a variety of litter: dirt, wood chips from palettes, small pieces of cardboard, plastic wrap, nails, staples, soda cans, etc.
  • With a simple activation, increase the suction when using the Instant Action Hose with the Auto Baffle.
  • Instant Action Hose reaches into corners, tight areas, crevices, grates, etc. Simply pull the hose wand out of the on-board holster and place the hose nozzle where needed (no special hook ups, no stopping the engine).
  • Walk Behind unit, 54″ long; easy to operate and maneuver – turn radius is very short making it easy to work around equipment, trailers, planes, etc.
  • Up to 40″ Wide Models enabling wide sweep coverage.
  • Need narrow sweep width, the 23″ Wide model is a customized sweep width and available for Gasoline and Electric Models.
  • Durable metal housing, frame and impeller can take a beating with most debris and litter encountered.
  • Impeller design prevents binding of impeller shaft by string, plastic wrap, and alike.
  • Impeller pulverizes much of the debris


Using a broom takes time, is dusty, and labor intensive and having to drag along a wheeled disposal container.

Brushing the litter onto the loading dock or out onto the ground solves your immediate need but not very efficient. All of which adds to manual steps, overhead and time.

The Elgee Power-Vac:

  • is 10 times faster than using a manual broom .
  • reduces the manual effort thus saving time and money .
  • provides wide surface cleaning, powerful suction to extract debris from crevices and with the attached hose, get into trailer corners, and rates on adjustable dock lifters
  • provides one cleaning unit for trailer, loading dock, staging area, etc.
  • easily empty debris with zipper collection bag.
  • controls dust with the screened vent filtered collection bag (not recommended for fine or powdery dirt) .
  • requires minimal maintenance

Don’t Waste Time Getting a Broom or a Smaller Vacuum
Use the Attached Instant Action Hose

Model Selection

The gasoline model Power Vacuum was used in the above solution; however, because of the fumes that could build up within the trailer, a Battery powered unit may be preferred. Based on your specific needs and environment, one of the other Power Vac models may serve your needs. Visit ourPower Vac Model Selection page or visit the Power Vacuum Description page.

You may have unique or non-standard cleaning requirements. Customized equipment solutions are available.

To learn more, contact us, or check out our Custom Solutions section.


Dear Steve:

Subject: Elgee Power Vac Sweepers

I wanted to take this opportunity to tell you how pleased we are with the Elgee Power Vac. It is a breeze to keep our truck beds clean.

Keep up the good work. Thanks to all the folks at Elgee for making our job easier.

Joe Major

Demo Video Clip – Power Vacuum


See the interior of a trailer cleaned within a minute using the Elgee Power-Vac gasoline model in a short video clip

"I wanted to take this opportunity to tell you how pleased we are with the Elgee Power Vac. It is a breeze to keep our truck beds clean. Keep up the good work. Thanks to all the folks at Elgee for making our job easier."


Joe Major, President - Major Trucking Inc

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