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ELGEE's Power Vacuum Product Line

Bulky Litter and Debris Vacuuming

Perfect for:

  • Barns,
  • Stables,
  • Farms,
  • Plastic Manufacturing,
  • Property Management Company,
  • Janitorial Service,
  • Maintenance Group,
  • Government Agency
  • Factory Or Warehouse Manager
  • etc.

If you are a part, or a member of any of the services listed above, then your search for the perfectCommercial Industrial Grade Vacuum is over! Choose from our four Power-Vac models: Gasoline, Propane, Electric and Battery, which ever better suits your clean-up application! Our Power-Vacs are ideal for bulk litter clean-up and debris control, however, please note that we do not recommend our Power-Vacuums for fine dust and powdery dirt clean-up jobs. For dirt and dust clean-up applications, please look into our Power Sweeper unit.


The Elgee Power Vacuum is a versatile machine enabling you to attack many different jobs in commercial and industrial environments.

Through its design and size it affords the operator the ability to pick up dissimilar debris and litter with little or no adjustments to slow them down. With its optional attachments, the operator need only use the one machine to clean surrounding areas such as corners, small areas where the machine can not fit or easily convert the machine into a blower as required especially for leaves. A Snap-on dolly supports the heavy duty collector bag for ease of operation and maneuverability.

The Power Vacuums are maneuverable, durable and reliable. They can be ideally used to tackle jobs up to 100,000 sq ft. At 40,000 sq ft per hour, the Power Vac saves time and money by cleaning 12 times faster than manual broom and rake methods. The Power Vacs are low maintenance. There are no moving parts such as chains or belts, no gates, hinges, or levers to complicate operations. The machine is always at the right operation height, ready to pick up any size object.

Their design provides for increased suction enabling the collection of dissimilar litter. A patented design allows objects outside the width of the machine to be vacuumed. The Quick-Tilt design features a Snap-on Dolly assembly to allow the introduction of large objects into the airstream. It also holds an 11 cu. ft. capacity polyester felt bag but maintains proper machine balance for titling. The collection bag also has a specifically designed zippered screened vent for superior dust control. The Power Vac is ideal as a litter and debris control device but is not recommended for fine dust and powdery dirt. For dust free cleaning we recommend you visit our Power Sweep unit.

For more specific information on each powered model, visit the individual product pages: Gasoline, Propane, Electric and Battery.

To assist in determining which power source model, visit the Model Selection page.

The Power Vacuum is proudly manufactured in the USA using 100% Solar renewable Energy.


The power vacuum is suited for picking up virtually any type of litter and debris found Indoors and outdoors from dirt and sand to liter size plastic bottles and metallic objects of similar size. It is not recommended for fine dust or powdery dirt (see the Power Sweep). The Power-Vac can be used on a variety of surfaces such as concrete, wood, tile and asphalt. These surfaces are found in for example:

– air craft hangers
– cargo trailers
– driveways
– machine shops
– parking lots
– show rooms
– streets and sidewalks
– air craft hangers
– carpentry shop
– gymnasiums
– maintenance shop
– playgrounds
– staging areas
– theater/auditorium seating
– barns & stables
– covered storage areas
– loading docks
– packaging areas
– school yards
– storage yards
– walkways

If your cleaning surface is not listed or you have questions about different surfaces, please contact us.

For more specific information on each powered model, visit the individual product pages: Gasoline, Propane, Electric and Battery.

For Use In

To include but not limited to:

– Airports (private, commercial and military)
– Camp Grounds
– Commercial/Industrial Parks
– Construction Sites
– Horse Stables & Barns
– Hotels/Resorts
– Municipal Garages
– Restaurants and Catering Halls
– Shopping Malls and Centers
– Sport Stadiums/Arenas
– Warehouses/Factories
– Amusement Parks
– City Shopping Areas
– Condominium/Residential Complexes
– Freight Haulers: trailer beds
– Hospitals
– Loading docks
– Office Buildings
– Schools
– Sports Centers Indoor & Outdoor
– Theaters/Playhouses

If your cleaning surface is not listed or you have questions about different surfaces, please contact us.

For more specific information on each powered model, visit the individual product pages: Gasoline, Propane, Electric and Battery.


Because the areas to be cleaned can vary from indoors and out, the Elgee Power-Vac is powered with different engines. Depending on your needs, you can select the model that best fits your cleaning application(s) along with various options to aid in your cleaning. The Elgee Power-Vacuums are powered with Gasoline, Battery, Electric and Propane engines.

The Power-Vacuum is engineered for:

  • Extra power using its exclusive booster baffle,
  • Patented tapered intake,
  • Horizontal body design with impeller mounted directly over the area to be cleaned.

The Power Vac is built to last, featuring:

  • An all formed and welded steel modular design,
  • A heavy duty 12″ diameter 1/4″ thick steel impeller which pulverizes debris,
  • The Impeller Shaft Guard prevents string, wire, etc. from wrapping around and binding the shaft.


Gasoline Propane Electric Battery

  • Used Outdoors
  • Three Engine Sizes: 5.5, 6, or 10 HP
  • Walk-behind
  • Sweep Widths: 231, 30, 40 inches

  • Used Outdoors or Well Vented Indoors
  • Two Engine Sizes: 5.5, or 6 HP
  • Clean Burning
  • Walk-behind
  • Sweep Widths: 30, 40 inches

  • Ideal for Indoors
  • 1.5 HP, 3450 RPM 110/220V Motor
  • 100 ft Electrical Cord
  • Walk-behind
  • Sweep Widths: 231, 30, 40 inches

  • Ideal for Indoors
  • Equally good for Outside
  • Not Restricted by Electrical Cord
  • 1 HP, 3200 RPM Motor with 2-24V Batteries
  • Walk-behind
  • Sweep Widths: 30, 40 inches

1 23” Sweep Width is not a standard width but a custom option.

"I wanted to take this opportunity to tell you how pleased we are with the Elgee Power Vac. It is a breeze to keep our truck beds clean. Keep up the good work. Thanks to all the folks at Elgee for making our job easier."


Joe Major, President - Major Trucking Inc

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