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Airport FOD Control Cleaning Solutions

Elgee Power Vacuum Gasoline Honda Motor
Power & Size Ideal for Airport Gate Areas

Regional or local airports need cleaning equipment that is efficient and cost effective for their size and traffic.

With the Elgee Power Vac (Gasoline or Propane powered) equipped with the:

  • Instant Action Hose
  • Magnetic Bar Assembly
  • Brush Assembly
  • Auto Baffle Assembly
  • Crack Funnel

The airport facility can ensure they control FOD issues in hangers, gate and passenger embarking areas, aircraft parking aprons, around jet-blast barriers, etc..

Cleaning Solution

Elgee Gasoline Briggs & Stratton Motor Power Vac for Confined or Tight Areas Such as behind Jet-Blast Barriers

Extract Debris from Cracks & Crevices, and from Hanger Door Sliding Grooves
See Demo Video Clip

Gasoline or Propane Powered Model

  • Power to pick up a variety of litter: dirt, small pieces of cardboard, plastic wrap, metallic objects, e.g., nails, bolts, soda cans, etc.
  • The Magnetic Bar Assembly separates out the metallic objects.
  • The Brush assembly mounts in the front of the vacuum to loosen debris. It is spring loaded and maintains constant pressure to eliminate continuous brush adjustments during operation.
  • With a simple activation, increase the suction when using the Instant Action Hose with the Auto Baffle.
  • Instant Action Hose reaches into corners, tight areas, crevices, grates, etc. Simply pull the hose wand out of the on-board holster and place the hose nozzle where needed (no special hook ups, no stopping the engine).
  • Because of dangerous debris laying within cracks and crevices, the unit employs a Crack Funnel to increase vacuum suction.
  • Walk Behind unit, 54″ long; easy to operate and maneuver – turn radius is very short making it easy to work around equipment, trailers, planes, etc.
  • Up to 40″ Wide Models enabling wide sweep coverage.
  • Need narrow sweep width, the 23″ Wide model is a customized sweep width and available for Gasoline Model.
  • Durable metal housing, frame and impeller can take a beating with most debris and litter encountered.
  • Impeller design prevents binding of impeller shaft by string, plastic wrap, and alike


Use in Hangers and Exterior Areas

Simply Time & Money – Using any sort of broom or other mechanical vacuum takes time, is dusty, labor intensive and does little to pick up debris and litter in cracks and crevices. Eliminating the debris ultimately prevents any collateral damage or injury which in itself can be extremely expensive.

The Elgee Power-Vac:

  • is 10 times faster than using a manual broom
  • reduces the manual effort thus saving time and money
  • provides wide surface cleaning, powerful suction to extract debris from crevices and with the attached hose, get into tight to reach areas. trailer corners, and and rates on
  • adjustable dock lifters
  • provides one cleaning unit for multiple area types: baggage, parking apron, gate, vehicle parking, luggage/cargo staging, to name a few.

Model Selection

Small & Maneuverable, One Handed Operation, but Powerful!! Don’t Waste Time Brooming

The 634-G and 634-GH gasoline model Power Vacuum was used in the above solution; however, based on your specific needs and environment, one of the other Power Vac models may serve your needs. Visit our Power Vac Model Selection page or visit the Power Vacuum Description page.

You may have unique or non-standard cleaning requirements. Customized equipment solutions are available.

To learn more, contact us, or check out our Custom Solutions section.


We want to hear about and share your experience with the Power Vacuum when used for FOD Control or for any other cleaning solution. Please contact us via letter or email.

To hear what users have said about the Power Vacuums, visit our Testimonials page.

Demo Video Clip – Power Vacuum

See more of the Elgee Power-Vac gasoline model used for both exterior and interior FOD control and clean up here.

"I wanted to take this opportunity to tell you how pleased we are with the Elgee Power Vac. It is a breeze to keep our truck beds clean. Keep up the good work. Thanks to all the folks at Elgee for making our job easier."


Joe Major, President - Major Trucking Inc

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