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Can This Aisle Clean Up Take Only 15 Mins?

All equestrians know the struggle of keeping the barn clean on a daily basis. I find it nerve-wracking and exhausting to have to constantly go back through the aisle with a broom and dustpan to keep things neat and orderly. I know the struggle all too well. I can recall numerous days in which I left the barn never wanting to see a single broom, blower, dustpan, or wheelbarrow ever again . Then I discovered Elgee barn vacuums, and this handy device completely changed the way I clean my barn.

Is Your Stable Spotless & Dust Free?

Keeping the barn clean all throughout the day can be quite a grueling chore. I can recall entire days filled with sweeping manure, straw, shavings, and hay up and out the barn aisles to keep things looking neat. In addition to being a time-consuming and mundane chore, breathing in the dust and sawdust can be very hazardous to your lungs and respiratory system. I’ve always had major concerns about this, both for myself and my horses, as well. After years of cleaning and actually seeing the horses’ breathing affected when I went through and swept up the barn, not to mention the times when we use the blowers.   I always wanted something that would help me turn cleaning the barn into something that was safe for the horses and I, plus easy and less time-consuming. Elgee’s barn vacuums offered a safe, quick, and simple solution to every single one of my problems.

What did I do about it?

The first time I saw an Elgee vacuum in use, I was visiting a friend’s stable, chatting with her in the yard. I watched as one of the grooms hooked up their Elgee vacuum and quickly cleaned the entirety of the large barn in about 20 minutes.   I couldn’t believe my eyes, the place was spotless! I quickly asked my friend what the machine was, and where she had gotten it. She let me know that the Elgee vacuum is a bit of an industry secret, and it’s something that is used in the most luxurious stables in order to keep everything looking spotless. She said they couldn’t possibly live without their Elgee! She also let me know that the purchase of her Elgee vacuum had saved her a considerable amount of money on labor costs; nearly $1500 a month!

I decided that I had to get my hands on an Elgee vacuum immediately!

Can you tell me more about the ELGEE Power Vacuum?

Upon doing some research, I learned that Elgee’s Power Vac is capable of cleaning over 40,000 square feet per hour. That alone was incredible to me; no more days spent sweeping! Shavings, straw, dust, and manure chips were no match for my amazing Elgee barn vacuum! During my research I also learned that Elgee currently offers four different models of the Power Vac, each with a different method of power: Electric, Gasoline, Propane, and Lithium-Ion Powered models. For me, the electric powered model is perfect, but I am sure for others it may not be. Each barn is different, so it only makes sense that the equipment needed to clean the barn varies to tailor to each barn’s needs. I think it’s great that Elgee caters to the different needs of different facilities.

Thanks to my Elgee barn vacuum, cleaning the barn is an easy task that I can get finished in under an hour. This means I can spend more time at the barn enjoying time with my horse and fellow riders, and less time sweeping back and forth up the aisles. I don’t think I’ll ever clean my stables again without my Elgee vacuum. I highly recommend saying goodbye to your brooms, blowers, and dustpans, and saying hello to a new Elgee barn vacuum!

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