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Custom Equipment Solutions

With over 40 years of experience, we realize that not every environment is the same and that there are applications that are unique. So if you have a cleaning problem that cannot be solved using our standard product, please contact us or email us and let us examine your needs and determine the best solution for you. Challenge us to create a cost effective and efficient solution for you.

Below are examples of some of our custom modifications. As you can see, these can be rather simple modifications.

Extended Edger

Cleaning Requirement – Need to clean under rolling doors hinged from the top and not touching the floor with only a few inch clearance, or wall overhangs just several inches above the floor where the Power Vacuum cannot reach. Due to the number and length of these cleaning areas, it is impractical to continually use the Instant Hose.

Application – Horse Stables

Solution – Fabricate a custom made tapered-wedge extended edge which will mount on the housing of the Power Vacuum and can fit under the rolling doors and wall over hangs.

Modified Wheel Assembly

Cleaning Requirements – Need to brush up straw, dry manure and other debris from a stable floor while ensuring no harmful metal debris is left on the floor, thus injuring the horses or personnel. Using a self-propelled walk-behind Power Vac on an unstable surface requires the use of stabilizing wheels. The wheel assembly is a standard accessory needing no modification; however, the unit shown below was equipped with both a Magnetic Bar Assembly and a Brush Assembly which inhibited mounting the standard wheels.

Solution – Modify the wheel mountings by extending the mounting brackets from the top of the unit to the front and utilizing swivel wheels thus stabilizing the unit and enabling the use of both the Magnetic and Brush Assemblies.

Custom work displayed above was on the discontinued Self-propelled Gas Powered Power Vacuum but could be done for any of the other models.

For more information about the customization of equipment for your specific needs or for information about ordering a custom solution, please contact us.

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