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Petro Plastics

Extract from Petro Plastics Case Study Petro Plastics has found a solution for the slip hazards created by pellet resins and chips and dust residue from grinders and saws. There are also environmental issues from resin pellets and scrap cuttings that wash into...

Al ManzoThe BrownstonePaterson, NJ

I wanted to take this opportunity to tell you how pleased I am with the Elgee Products. I purchased the Elgee Power Vac. It cleans rooms in minutes and my cleaning people won’t use anything else. We no longer have a problem with brushes and belts breaking. As for the...

Joe MajorPresidentMajor Trucking Inc

I wanted to take this opportunity to tell you how pleased we are with the Elgee Power Vac. It is a breeze to keep our truck beds clean. Keep up the good work. Thanks to all the folks at Elgee for making our job easier. PRODUCTS Power Vacuum — Lithium-Ion Power Vacuum...

Rebecca Chatfeld, Ph.D.OwnerSimpatico StablesRedmond, WA

The Elgee electric Power-Vac has been a wonderful tool for our large commercial horse-boarding facility. Our barn aisles have rubber safety mats installed over concrete. During the day these mats collect wet sawdust, manure chunks, and long pieces of hay that are very...
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