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Commercial Cleaning Systems
Bulky Waste & Debris

From the same powerful engine as the Voyager Turbo Transformer, we bring you the Turbo Commercial Upright. The Turbo Upright cleans bulky waste and debris as efficiently as it’s brother model, the Turbo Transformer, but at a commercial size. With a 20″ oversized scoop, The Turbo Upright cuts a large path through dirt and debris on any hard surface, but won’t clog like ordinary vacuums do.

Lightweight, durable, maneuverable and powerful, the Commercial Upright and Wide Area Vacuums are available in two cleaning widths: the Commercial Upright come in both 12″ and 14″ and the Wide Area Vacs are available in 24″ and 28″. The Commercial Upright Vacuum comes with a filtration system that significantly reduces the amount of dust that typically flows back into the atmosphere, while the Wide Area Vacuum has a big sweep width to cover more area, reducing your cleaning time.

For heavy duty cleaning and large capacity needs, see our Turbo Transformer model. For cleaning of hazardous waste or large capacity needs, see our HEPA Canister vacuums. .

Small, Maneuverable but Powerful

Lightweight, Durable & Maneuverable

Light Dust & Litter with Wide Sweep Coverage

"I wanted to take this opportunity to tell you how pleased we are with the Elgee Power Vac. It is a breeze to keep our truck beds clean. Keep up the good work. Thanks to all the folks at Elgee for making our job easier."


Joe Major, President - Major Trucking Inc

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