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Modular Cleaning System
Bulky Waste & Debris

The Turbo Transformer enables multi-application cleaning. This versatile motor, can be interchanged with other vacuum components, such as hand-held portable back packs, your basic floor model Voyager Turbo Upright or a 55 Gallon Cannister Drum Assembly Kit.

Lightweight, durable, maneuverable and powerful, the Commercial Upright and Wide Area Vacuums are available in two cleaning widths: the Commercial Upright come in both 12โ€ณ and 14″ and the Wide Area Vacs are available in 24″ and 28″. The Commercial Upright Vacuum comes with a filtration system that significantly reduces the amount of dust that typically flows back into the atmosphere, while the Wide Area Vacuum has a big sweep width to cover more area, reducing your cleaning time.

For heavy duty cleaning and large capacity needs, the Canister vacuum is ideal. The hose and wand enable cleaning in hard-to-reach areas, and above the floor (cleaning ledges, dust and debris on windows, etc.).

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